Stacy L Stegeman, MEd, PLPC, SHRM-CP, PHR

Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor
Supervised by Rhonda Myers, LPC

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We all have what I call our emotional suitcase; it is packed with all of our life experiences both good and bad.  When the bad out-weighs the good, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues can jump in too.  Our suitcases can become too heavy for us to carry alone.  When your suitcase gets too heavy to carry, that is where I come in.  I am that person that comes along-side of you and helps you carry it and unpack the bad so that you have more room for the good experiences in life.  I have to tell you that I do not take the handle and carry and unpack your emotional suitcase for you, but we work as a team and go through the process together.  You don’t have to carry all of the ick by yourself; I am here to help you. I know that finding a therapist is hard, and trusting one enough to start unpacking your suitcase is difficult, I respect that and we will take it at your speed.

A little about me, the suitcase helper,  I have lived many experiences in this life both good and bad.  I have found therapy for myself to be extremely helpful, and I know that finding the right therapist can make a huge difference.  I am young at heart.  I’m goofy, dorky, and I totally geek out sometimes and that’s okay.  I bring me into the room because I believe it is important to be genuine and authentic.  I care about your mental health and want to give you the best care possible, so I am a life-long-learner.  I am currently working towards my Ph. D. in Psychology with an emphasis on trauma and disaster relief.  Again, we all have that bad stuff in our suitcase, and my program is helping me learn more about how to help you unpack it.

The techniques I use are varied because no one person is exactly the same; we all have different lived experiences.  I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing),  Play therapy, Sandtray Therapy, ACT ( Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and many other therapeutic modalities.   The best part about that is I can tailor your therapy to you.  Because let’s face it, therapy is about you and not about my agenda or plan for you.

I offer in-person sessions in both Jefferson City and Columbia, Missouri.  Additionally, I offer telehealth for therapy in the comfort and safety of your own home.  I work with ages 7 and up.

When you are ready for some help carrying and unpacking your emotional suitcase, you can call me, or text me at 573-230-7809 or reach out via email at [email protected] , or at [email protected].  You are worth my time, and I hope that you will take the opportunity to reach out.  See you soon.