Renee Powers-Scott MSEd, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Renee believes that if we were born into a perfect world, we would all receive validation for our best selves to develop. Because we live in an imperfect world, we often have to abandon parts of who we are in order to persevere.  Circumstances can lead a person to believe that they are a “burden” when this isn’t even about the person, it’s about the circumstances.   This results in varying parts of a person becoming over or underdeveloped.  This is how she believes symptoms develop, to cope with the parts of self that have been lost.  These symptoms frequently manifest as depression, anxiety, disordered eating, addictions to work, sex, substances and more.  She believes healing happens when we are able to connect with our authentic self.  This may include unpacking beliefs about self in relation to the world and learning to make choices that support self-development and well-being.

An interest of hers is working with unresolved grief.  Our culture provides few spaces for people with losses to process their grief.  Unresolved grief can hinder one’s personal goals and can impact current relationships.   She has found that people are able to adapt the new normal if given the space to do so.  Loss comes in many forms in addition to deaths.  Ambiguous loss is what captures many of the other types of losses such as dreams, identity, illness, cultural losses, marginalization, and often times things that are open ended, not tangible, or visible, but affect one’s perspective and purpose.  The emotional toll of these losses is often overlooked or ignored.  She believes it is possible to come to terms with these losses in a way that that redefines purpose and perspective in a way that is life affirming.

Her theoretical approach is integrative with the main three being interpersonal, attachment, and systems. She has been trained in and uses a variety of techniques including Art, CBT, EMDR, Grief Counseling, and Positive Psychology.  Additionally, Self-Compassion is the heart of her practice and the foundation upon which she builds.

If you are black or brown and tired of the non-majority navigation that daily living requires, if you have experienced racial trauma or have been held back by negative messages from the dominant culture, if you’ve been wounded by in-group messages stemming from internalized racism, Renee will provide a healing space where you can just be and connect with your “phenomenal” self.

Renee received her degree in 1988 and charges $100 an hour.  She is out of network with insurance.    She works with ages 16 and up. Contact Renee at [email protected].  Click here to learn more about her Recovering from Grief Group.   Renee is also offering experiential self care workshops.